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Our mission is to treat our clients like family and strive to give you everything you need, nothing you don't. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Depends largely on complexity and length of contract. Whatever the duration and complexity, I can guarantee fair and competitive rates.

Are there any industries you tend to stay away from?

Nope! I have worked with fresh fish, baby strollers, cosmetics, diapers, wipes, vitamins, OTC products, surgical equipment, watches, farming, and car parts! 100% industry agnostic at Tatham and Sons. I haven’t worked with GameStop, but as for me, I like the stock.

Will you travel?

Absolutely, whatever needs to be done to get the job done right. Face to face has a lot of value, especially in the beginning.

Is any job too small?

The short answer, no. Sometimes the best jobs are the small ones.

do you provide any services outside of supply chain consulting?

Yes, I also provide investment guidance, tax planning, and curriculum writing.

Meet Matt.

Owner & founder of Tatham & Sons

Matthew Tatham is 32 years old and lives in Newport Beach, CA with his beautiful family: Marci and 3-year old Jack. His favorite hobby is spending quality time with his family at the beach and traveling the world and sharing new experiences with those closest to him.


He also has another passion, supply chain.


Matt was first exposed to the supply chain fundamentals as a child, spending countless hours with his grandfathers at the family vineyard and ranch.  He learned all there is to know about farming, business acumen, hard work, breaking horses, and Johnny Cash. 


When Matt wasn’t with his grandfathers, he was spending time with his father and mentor who taught him just about everything he knows.


He has been involved with supply chain planning in progressive roles for the last 7 years where he has worked with the likes of Bugaboo, The Honest Company, Unilever, and Johnson and Johnson.


Tatham and Sons was born out of a lifelong dream to be a business owner, support his family, and meet an ever-growing need to help companies dig out of holes and optimize supply chain planning and operations. 

Helping companies dig

out of holes and

optimizing their supply chain planning and operations.

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